We have developed and launched this exciting new service in July 2018 to further enhance our existing services and to provide additional value to our business clients. We strongly believe that businesses should aim to automate, streamline and improve their business processes through the intelligent use of technology.
As the business world becomes more digital, we believe our clients need to transform their manual processes into automated digital systems that can help them become more efficient and have better data quality to assist them to grow their businesses. Cloud technology had the power to drastically improve the way businesses operate and how business owners engage with their clients and advisors.
We specialize in utilizing Xero’s accounting package for small & medium sized businesses and are constantly on the front line partnering with and researching the best Xero Add-on’s available as evidenced by some of the system we can use with different business below.
At Caveo Biz Assist we work smarter not harder and this allows us to deliver a professional digital management accounting service that can replace your current bookkeeping process with a more robust, timely service for a simple fixed monthly fee.
One of our main differences is the fact that the people managing our digital management service are qualified accountants with excellent experience with implementing and managing integrated cloud business systems.
Our areas of advice expertise include:
  • Digital Management Accounting
  • Digital Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Management
  • XERO Conversion Expertise
  • XERO add-ons to enhance business operations and reporting