This unique service is provided by our Senior Financial and Accounting experts. As always our advice team works in a collaborative way and utilizes the expertise of our various specialists to deliver effective and fully integrated advice tailored for the needs of families.
We have been providing advice and managed the financial affairs for many families for over 20 years.
Looking after families with multiple needs and for multiple generations takes a specific set of skills and provides specific challenges that need to be worked through thoroughly with all family members. The end result is a tailored and effective family financial strategy that can then be effectively executed and managed over the years.
As part of our overall advice process, one key consideration will always be the need for a robust investment strategy. A process that can effectively manage multiple asset classes to represent the ongoing investment needs of the family. To facilitate this process we work diligently with a range of asset consultants and fund managers to build and tailor portfolios based on a robust institutional style of investment management. Our unique investment process is supported by expert asset consultants who are regularly testing portfolios with multiple worldwide outcome scenarios to test resilience and ensure an effective asset allocation and portfolio strategy is constructed. A tailored investment strategy is built to achieve each family’s unique return objective whilst appropriately managing risk.
All families are unique and they have unique people, investment needs, cash needs, goals and objectives, risk tolerance and their own set of aspirations and challenges both for each family within and the entire family unit.  Our specialist advice team understands this and will look to review all key financial aspects that are important to the whole family unit and each individual family to create a strategy for the family unit and a financial plan for each individual family within.
Some of the benefits of our integrated family office approach include;
  • Specifically tailored for the family unit and each family within
  • Integrated across all key needs, Accounting, Tax, Debt, Financial Planning and Estate Planning
  • One point of contact to ensure ease of access and effective communication
  • Cost effective as the majority of work is done within the one firm rather that multiple firms
  • Charitable gifting strategies explored, discussed and once agreed implemented
  • Education on inheritance, succession and family transition
  • Younger family members become educated, empowered and take more responsibility
  • Develop financial management framework that is applied with longevity
Importantly, there are material benefits for the next generation as our process is also focused on providing the younger members of the family with effective knowledge and education to ensure that in the years ahead, they can continue to effectively manage the family’s wealth for their benefit and their children’s futures.
Overall, everyone can be confident that when the transition actually occurs it is handled with the utmost of care and professionalism and that the families wishes can be effectively executed using a process that is well structured, well managed and implemented.