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Adelaide Hills Family Dental sees continued growth with the help of ProAMS

When Dr Julian French set up Adelaide Hills Family Dental (AHFD), he needed a system in place that would be able to manage an expanding business, combined with a professional service with accounting knowledge for the more complex tasks involved in running a dental practice. Caveo Digital recommended using Xero to maintain the businesses financial records, and their account manager calculates monthly service fees as well as maintaining their payroll records. The business has seen great success since opening in late 2013 and will continue to expand with the help of Caveo Digital.

“I’m good at what I do, that’s being a dentist. I needed someone who was good at what they do – managing our businesses accounts and payroll. The accounting background and experience of our account manager means I can rely on them to do those additional tasks correctly, rather than incorporating them into someone else’s role who may not have the skills required.” – Dr Julian French

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