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Good Thnx

Good Thnx is a software company that creates products with social impact. Based in Adelaide, Directors Shannon and Ante wanted to create a platform that spreads gratitude and raises money for charities. The Good Thnx platform enables people to send a ‘thnx’ to anyone including a short message and a dollar amount to go to the charity of the recipient’s choice. Good Thnx Foundation (a non-for-profit Public Ancillary Fund) manages the funds and periodically distributes the donations to the chosen charities. Due to the powerful and efficient payment system, 100% of the intended donation passes through to the charities. This is in comparison to other providers who typically charge 5-10% in the form of banking fees, and on top of that a percentage of revenue.

With their own platform already fully automated it was time to automate the ‘back office’ duties of their business. Outsourcing their payroll, reconciliations and reporting duties to Caveo Digital has enabled Shannon & Ante to focus on continuing to develop their software. Caveo Digital uses Xero & Receipt Bank to streamline their bookkeeping function. Caveo Digital also prepares various reports for interested parties, including the Good Thnx Board and various state bodies in which Good Thnx operates its charitable fundraisings.

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